Revolution Cry is gearing up for another trip to New York City and NYSUM this April. We are looking for several young people who want to serve the less fortunate. The last time we went, we had a powerful time. We did not want to come home. Once you get a taste of living for Jesus, you feel so fulfilled and alive. I hope we have many young people willing to step out and "live it." Check out the video below from our last trip.

God Bless,

Becoming Disciples

God calls us to GO out and MAKE disciples. Go. MAKE. The Great Commission. These are action words. So, I know I have to DO something. I suppose I am trying to make disciples as a youth leader. But the youth that I am (hopefully) impacting should be doing the same. So, maybe my job is to do more than teach God's truth, but to teach them to do the same.

Let's do this!

Time UFC Champion for Christ - Matt Hughes